Sunday, 29 July 2018

New facebook page

Good afternoon,

Been a little while again hasn't it? well my sad news is that I lost my mum a few weeks back.....was the hardest thing I think I will ever experience but if its taught me one thing......not to put anything off until tomorrow as you dont know the time you have.
For so long ive wanted to show my work off on facebook and youtube etc but ive been to afraid of what people think to have the guts to do it, I have took a different thaught on it, if I post work up and get feedback whether its good or bad it will help me to grow wont it?

sooooo here I go.....Nia's craft corner is now on facebook if you want to search for me.... I think is niascraftcorner17 or something like that (managed to link it haha), I have my youtube channel ready to go for when I go shopping and let you know what I think of the new things I buy (any excuse to go shopping)

so lets get crafting and please share my page and like ((if you want to ofcourse))

Nia xxxx

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